external image huck.jpgTitle: The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
Author: Mark Twain
My rating: 9/10

In the book Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Huck Finn has trouble finding his true self. he does not like to be civilized with the widow douglas, or be free with his dad who constantly beats Huck every time senior Finn gets drunk. Huck fakes his murder and runs away from everything. He runs off to an island in the middle of the river. He finds the runaway slave, Jim, who wants his freedom. This is about Huck and Jim escaping from their trapped life.

Likes/ Dislikes
I like how Mark Twain is critizising how the people lived in America at the time. How he points out all the hipocracy at the time. I dislike that Huck had horrible parents in the time and that the his pap died in a "special" house.

What can we learn
We can learn that the world is not always right. That the world is always hipocratic. There is really no good government.

Essential Questions

What role does society play in shaping who we are?
Society shapes us to be what they are like because they like to be the same. People do not like thoes who are "different".
What does freedom mean to you?
Freedom means to me that i can do whatever i want to do and say what i want to say with out a few limitations.

How do you go about making important decisions?
When i make important desicions i take my time and think it through to make sure that i am makeing the right choice.

What does Huck Finn teach us about being human?
Huck Finn teaches us that humans struggle with their own thought making sure that they are doing the right thing.