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Book: Of Mice and MEN
Author: John Steinbeck
My Rating: 9/10
Summary of the book

In of mice and me Lennie and George need work on a ranch. Lennie being mentally retarded got them both kicked out of Weed which was their prior place of work. George the smarter one get them out safely and on the road again. They both have a dream, to own their own ranch. But to get their they both have to work together really hard but Lennie keeps messing every thing up.


I liked this book. It is true what the author is trying to say about hopes and dreams don't always happen. I like how the author is realistic in his views of the world. I did not like how it all ends though it is sad to know that George had to shoot Lennie in the back of the head.

What can we learn from reading this book?

We can learn that dreams do not come true all the time and that we should still aim high for our dreams and not to give up hope. Also that it will help us prepare for the time that our dreams will come crashing down