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Huck Finn
I am 15 and i love to do everything outside and i hate being couped up and bein civilized

Yesterda' i was lookin' arond the Jacksons' ilsland when i a founds jim jus layin there like a nothins was happnin'. I was a gonna sker him. But I jus' walked righ' up ta him and he skered him' self' a thinkin' I were a ghost. Huh! What gets in t' that crazy man. He needs t' calm down

Man, jim an' I need t' git out o' here quick. People from town are a commin' after us. We tooks the canoe and a quickly went down river. Only travelin' at nigh' cuz we were too skered to show our selves in day. Good thin' that tom aint here cuz he would hav' t' do everythin' by the books.

Whe' wee! We almost got hit by one of them ferries. Them nasty thins' why did they' need t' be created. Ya' could hear them laughin' from a mile away. Hopefully we don't run into another one of them!

I can't believe we missed that town Cairo. We are in a heap o' trouble now. There is now way we are gonna' git back now. We are too far south. Now jim is gonna look like a runna way.

I can't believe it! My old man dead. Huh I kinda wished I woulda known earlier. Ah well I didn't really like him anyway. Now I don't have t' worry about him any more.