Author: Jerexternal image Inherit-the-Wind-Book.jpgome Lawrence & Robert E. Lee

Title: Inherit the Wind
My Rating: 8/10

Inherit the Wind is a book based on a true trial: The Scopes Monkey Trial. Bertram Cates a normal school teacher is put in jail because of teaching evolution in a town that is biased to the bible. Well known attorneys come to defend or persecute. Things dont always appear as they seem, this book might suprise you.


I liked that this story was based on a true trial: The Scopes Monkey Trial. The characters were well described and the setting was well written. My favorite character was Drummond, he sounded like a cruel person and at the end he was a nice person and did really care about Colonel Brady. I disliked the shortness of the book. I would have liked if the story would continue and become more of a heated debate other than ending with Colonel Brady dying.

What can we learn from reading this book:

We can learn from this book is that people that do bad things to their family will inherit the wind. Also we could learn from this book is that Religion and Darwin’s book could both be true they could coexist together.

Answers to Essential Questions:

How do we Handle our Individual Differences:
The people of Hillsboro need to accept people for who they are. Does not mean that they have to like them just accept them and tolerate their differences.

Does Tolerance Equal Acceptance:

No tolerance does not equal acceptance. If you tolerate someone it is just meaning that you are putting up with their beliefs and attitudes. If you accept someone you are willing to make them your own and like them too.

Can we Tolerate Someone/Something Without Agreeing With Them/It:

I believe we can tolerate someone/something with out agreeing with them/it. You can just be friends and friend put up with their beliefs and just settle the differences with out having to persuade the other into your own beliefs.

Characterization essay

I learned from this writing assignment that things can change. Not everything is going to be how you expect it to be. At first in the book we think Drummond is going to lose and also that Drummond is the bad guy in the book. In reality Drummond turns out to be a really nice person and the “bad person” is actually Hornbeck. I did very well on reading of the book and the understanding of what was happening on the book. I could have improved my writing skills because I am not very good at it.