external image 41HXDW0RZ1L.jpgTitle: Night
Author: Elie Wiesel
My Rating: 8/10

Elie a 15 year old boy had to survive the horrors of the Nazi death camps with his father as the only guide through it. To make it past the first selection Elie and his father Shlomo altered their age. This book describes part of the persecution from the Nazi.

I liked that that he describes what had happened in the Concentration camps, and how Elie even though he was week he still was taking care of his father. I dislike that the book was too short. I don't think it had enough detail for me. Elie could have made the book longer and more detailed.

What can we learn from this book?
We can learn from this book is that persecution is horrible and should be avoided. Also we can learn that a kid should not have to take care of his father. A father is always the father and he should teach his son how to do many different skill and encourage their child.

Answers to essential questions

What are the root causes of persecution?
The root cause is that one race is scared of the other and they need to find a way to be superior to the other group of people. Also it is the hatred of another group of humans because they are inferior or the one race thinks that they are going to mess up everything.

What are some current examples of persecution that takes place in the world to day?
Darfur is an example because the government is scared that all other African people will rebel and destroy the government.

What does Night teach us about what it means to be human?
It teaches us that to be human is the ultimate thing. I you are not like a human then you are a wild beast with nothing on the mind but survival and making yourself survive another day. You will do the most horrible things that you can imagine just to live an extra day or that extra hour.

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Reflections on essay

What did I learn from this writing assignment?
I learned that I need to learn how to organize my writing better and revise my paper multiple times.

What did I do well in this unit?
I did well on the test and my writing was not too bad. Just needs more work.

What areas could I Improve on?
I could improve my writing and grammar. Also I could improve at integrating my quotes better.