Derek Leaman
Mr. Hershey
English 2

Not everything appears the same in the beginning of a book and at the end of a book. Drummond was hated by most people at the beginning of the book Inherit the Wind. People called him “ a vicious godless man” (27). He was described by Hornbeck as nasty person with a devil like look which then persuaded people to not like him. When Melinda first saw Drummond she screamed “ It's the Devil” (27). He was also said to be “An agent of darkness” (26). But that is not how it is at the end of the book. The crowed started to tolerate Drummond. “The crowed seems to be slipping away away from Brady and clinging itself more and more in Drummond” (94). People started to realize that Drummond was trying to say that you have the right to believe in what you want.” Drummond said on (121) “ how quickly they can turn.” He was meaning how fast the people could change their belief so quickly. Not everything appears to be at the beginning; this strongly applies to Drummond in particular.